Welcome to Serenity Vineyards

Don Smith founder of Serenity Vineyards

Don Smith, Founder of Serenity Vineyards

Thirty five years ago, Don Smith retired from the construction industry and purchased the farm, where he was raised, from his parents Arthur and Agnes Smith. He loved the Finger Lakes Area of New York state and worked hard to establish a vineyard.

In 1981 the property was passed on to his family and we have carefully nurtured the vines, added new popular varieties and have supplied many wineries in the eastern states with fine grapes and wine.

Now it is our pleasure to present our own Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Mirth for your enjoyment.

We are located on the west shore of Seneca Lake on Route 14 and Davy Road about nine miles south of Geneva and two miles north of Dresden. Just look forĀ  our sign near Travis Road, turn towards the lake and make a left at our sign to our Tasting Room and while you are enjoying our wine, take in the actual winemaking facility at Serenity.

Our phone number is (315)536-6701 . We hope you enjoy our wine and become a familiar face at Serenity Vineyards.